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Today’s Word of the Day is … TRIUMVIRATE!

As in the triumvirate of security needed to protect your business, and your customers’ credit card information, from the hands of hackers and data thieves. There is a misconception by some in the hospitality industry that chip card technology provides protection from credit card theft. EMV or Chip and PIN technology does indeed make it
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Benefits of a Cashless Society

A cashless society is defined as a society in which the purchase of goods and services is made by credit card or electronic funds transferal rather than with cash or checks. There are many who believe that we are currently in the beginning stages of a transition to such a society, as Americans rely increasingly
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A New Survey Finds That Merchants Are Slightly Behind Schedule in Their Ability to Accept and Process Chip Enabled Credit Cards

The United States experiences 47 percent of global credit card fraud, according to Security Magazine, primarily due to the volume of magnetic strip cards still in use. Earlier this year, The Strawhecker Group found that only 37 percent of companies put measures in place to meet EMVco’s requirements whereby merchants would be able to accept
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How EMV Will Help VARs in the Restaurant Arena

EMV adoption in the United States continues to grow, with Aite Group reporting that 70 percent of credit cards were EMV-enabled at the end of 2015. Although fast-casual restaurant owners face a fraud liability shift if they aren’t equipped for EMV cards, some are delaying adoption due to concerns about upgrading their POS systems and
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3 EMV Options for Table Service Restaurants

With the counterfeit card liability shift several months behind us, restaurants remain cautious on investing in equipment and POS upgrades required to enable EMV card acceptance. Many have prioritized implementing point-to-point-encryption and tokenization, to prevent costly data breaches, over EMV, which protects against fraudulent individual transactions initiated with counterfeit cards. A data breach could cost
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Customer Service: The Secret Sauce

Wow, just like that I am already 30+ days into my new position with Merchant Link! So far, as expected, it has been a great experience. I am learning a lot about Merchant Link’s systems, solutions, and most importantly the terrific employees here. While being a customer of Merchant Link for 20+ years, I was
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PCI QIR Qualification –Resellers, is it right for your company?

What is a QIR Qualification and is it right for your company? A QIR is a Qualified Integrator and Reseller Professional who is certified to install, configure, and support PA-DSS validated payment applications for merchants. As we all know, the focus these days is on EMV and EMV-ready applications, but little attention is really given
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Yesterday I was in front of a high volume merchant, who was bemoaning the onset of EMV. “It takes forever now (using stand-alone chip reader terminals), the integrated solution at every workstation is going to be a NIGHTMARE!” Doing a little research, I found that it was taking 20-30 seconds to process a chip card
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EMV, Mobile Payments – The Customer is Always Right

Recently I was fortunate to attend the annual NRF conference in NYC. As I walked the aisles checking out the numerous displays, there was a clear divide amongst the vendors. On one side of the fence you had the EMV crazed organizations. Okay, this is a bit harsh, but the reality is that POS providers,
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