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To Pay at the Table or Not, That is the Question

The immediate reaction to Pay at the Table is overwhelming interest. Merchants like the idea of a customer’s card never leaving the customer, quicker table turns, flexibility for the guest, and added security. Plus, many feel that credit cards will soon require a PIN instead of signature authorization, and Pay at the Table devices can accommodate that change.

Sertifi and Merchant Link: A Secure Match

Customers are working overtime to impress their guests. It’s our goal to ensure they receive that same TLC from us. One of the ways Sertifi goes above and beyond, to remove the friction for our customers is through a seamless integration with Merchant Link.

Fraud with EMV?

As everyone knows the whole reason for moving to EMV was to reduce and eliminate fraud for account numbers that were lost and/or stolen. The solution was to implement EMV per the Card Association guidelines and SHAZAM all your fraud issues disappear. Unfortunately this is not necessarily the case as fraudsters are now exploiting the weaknesses with manually entered or hand keyed transactions.

HTF + HTNG = One great conference!

The Hotel Technology Forum was one of the first events I attended when I entered the lodging space. The HTF team has always put on a great conference with excellent educational opportunities in a much more intimate setting than other conferences. Similarly, HTNG has always done a fantastic job with its conferences providing incredible opportunities for peer-to-peer collaboration. Last month the two organizations came together for the first time in Orlando for HT-NEXT.

The Case of the Lost Credit Card

I am sure this has happened to most of us. You look in your wallet or purse for your credit card to pay for something and much to your dismay you cannot find it! Ugh!

Mobile Wallets on a Slow Rise

Recently, I was reading an article on the adoption rates of mobile wallets. I was curious to know whether I was behind the curve on this payment offering and if so, by how much!

EMV: Chip Cards, By the Numbers

The switch to EMV is well underway in the United States. This means new processes for customers and merchants. Some customers are seeing the changes more than others but more will be coming soon. This switch involves new in-store technology and internal systems for merchants. As well as new card and learning mew payment processes for consumers. But ultimately this brings greater protection against counterfeit fraud.

Point-to-Point Encryption, What You Need to Know

P2PE is a payment security solution that involves the encryption of cardholder data. Cardholder data includes any information contained on a customer’s payment card, including the primary account number (PAN), cardholder name, expiration date and data used for authentication and authorization. The data may be printed on either side of the card and contained in digital format on the magnetic strip or in the microchip embedded in the card.

How EMV Affects the Little Guy

I have a unique background. Yes, I work for Merchant Link, providing the latest payment security technologies to small, medium, and large hospitality organizations. Prior to Merchant Link, I sold POS for two large organizations, both of which are global companies, and both of which have some of the highest profile clients you could imagine.