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Service Delivery: We Won’t Relax Until You Got It!


“We won’t relax until you got it!” is Service Delivery’s (SD) personalized spin to our company motto, “Relax, we got it!” Due to customer demands for EMV and the increased amount of rollouts, we have made significant changes to all branches of SD to handle each customer with a sense of urgency. What does that mean for you? That we are constantly seeking ways to improve the customer’s experience, while demonstrating that your needs are our #1 priority. Whether an internal or external customer, our goal is to provide the best quality of customer service.

Let’s take a glimpse back to the beginning of 2016…

Several employees from Implementation, Installation, and Technical Support were placed into a specialized EMV team to board, install, and support our pilot sites. During this time, they were heavily relied upon as the subject matter experts (SME) and served as escalations to SD for Transaction Link.

Another specialized team was formed under Sales & Marking to kick-off our “Direct Billing” initiative, where a vast segment of our customers went from being billed by Oracle to being directly supported and billed by Merchant Link. Service Delivery played a huge role reinstating customers that called into the help desk and staff members were offered incentives if they were successful in getting existing customers to sign up for Merchant Link support.

Direct billing also revamped our customer boarding and installation processes. The Implementation team stepped into a new arena by having to analyze direct contracts from major accounts, dealerships, and smaller establishments, along with receiving payment data from merchants, such as ACH and credit card information to directly bill. Additionally, existing customers who wanted to utilize our EMV solution had to obtain new IDS that correlated to the New Transaction Switch (NTS) or change platforms all together. As a result, this created new challenges for Implementation and Installation as they had to get accustomed to new processes and fields in our customer database.

More changes were implemented in 2017…

For the first time, the Installation team had a sole manager due to the increase in work orders and EMV hardware. Hardware installs had to be coordinated by different parties, such as an IT contact, 3rd party on-site installers (Spencer and Macro for example), and a POS software provider. The installs for our high grossing major rollouts needed to be coordinated by Project Managers and scheduled according to each party’s availability.

Technical Support’s availability to our customers on and off the phone became a focal point. The increase of work orders and EMV hardware created an influx of email support requests and calls into our help desk. To ensure that all customers’ issues were handled with a sense of urgency, several staff members were pulled off the phone to create the Tech Support Administrative Team. Their responsibility is to handle internal and external escalations, assist customer requests via email and complete Transaction Link upgrades.

The “Go Green and Keep the Queue Clean” initiative was introduced shortly after to motivate employees that took calls to maximize time spent in Ready status (green) and to minimize time spent in Not Ready status (red) to be available for customers.

Lastly, our Funds Research Team (Rekey) provides a paid service of retrieving funds for our customers due to day-to-day technical issues from credit card processing. Rekey has also experienced leadership changes and revisions to their process in relation to the EMV effort. The role plays a huge part in our current customer relationships as the work they do is critical.

Despite the challenges, Service Delivery was victorious!

  • Implementation completed 13,445 both Transaction Link and non-Transaction Link new service orders
  • Installation installed 8,887 Transaction Link and non-Transaction Link sites
  • Technical Support handled 151,739 ACD calls
  • Funds Research (Rekey) completed 1,967 rekey cases totaling $11,099,267.62 in missing funds

What to expect in 2018…

Service Delivery will continue to seek new ways to improve the customer experience while continuing to handle each customer with a sense of urgency. Our valued customers are what we take pride in and we will continue to strive to improve our services to board, install, and support all of Merchant Link’s products. From retailers to restaurants to hospitality, we just want our customers to relax when it comes to anything credit card related. We got it!!!