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blog pic 3_7_16Yesterday I was in front of a high volume merchant, who was bemoaning the onset of EMV. “It takes forever now (using stand-alone chip reader terminals), the integrated solution at every workstation is going to be a NIGHTMARE!”

Doing a little research, I found that it was taking 20-30 seconds to process a chip card at their cashier stand. Turns out … this merchant was still sending credit card transactions over a dial up connection!

EMV is driving merchants to evaluate their upgrade path to more secure technology, but during this evaluation period it is important to investigate the network and company policies and procedures as well.

Moving to high speed internet from dial up will reduce the increased time of chip card transactions. It is important to check with the local ISP to see if higher speed is available in the area, as perhaps when the system was initially installed it was not. Transitioning from dial up to high speed internet could further assist in the reduction of transaction time. I have found that many merchants have not assessed their network and internet situations in many years.

Likewise, now would also be the time for merchants to revisit their current customer experience and look at new offerings to upgrade the customer experience.

Think of a Quick Serve environment … what more could a merchant want, than to have a well-trained employee face-to-face with a customer, with 15 seconds of “free time” on their hands? This is an opportunity to train employees to use this time to their advantage; upselling is a great way to use this time.

Rather than drumming fingers, and noting how long this is taking, perhaps the cashier could say, “I see you chose our Homestyle Burger today. You know those are half price on Tuesdays? Remember us on Tuesdays”. Transaction now completes. OR “You know we now have our own mobile app. (hands brochure) you can pay with Google Pay/Apple Pay, and check out will go much quicker”. Transaction completes. OR “Yes, this does take a little longer, but we made the investment last month, to protect your credit card information. A few seconds here is sure better than having to worry about your information being stolen. You’re protected here.” Transaction completes.

An EMV transaction will take longer than we are currently accustomed to. We can look at this as a negative, OR we can “Embrace the Negative” and turn it into a positive. Make the situation work FOR the restaurant / hotel / store, by investigating the overall technological environment and by guiding employees in how to enhance the customer experience.

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