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Why move to EMV in 2018?


There are many reasons to look into EMV for your business this year.  Several are tied to the changing credit card rules and PCI.

Reason #1 – Reduce Chargebacks – Moving to EMV will remove the liability shift to the merchant for some chargebacks.

Reason #2 – Credit Card Rule Changes – Visa has stated that its NO CHARGEBACKS UNDER $25 and a limit of 10 transactions exceptions will expire at the end of April 2018.  If your average check is under $25, you may start to see chargebacks in May.

Reason #3 – Reduce PCI Scope – with a fully validated P2PE solution, you can remove credit card data from your POS.  This provides a significant reduction in your PCI scope and reduces the number of questions on the PCI Questionnaire.

Reason #4 – TLS 1.2 – The PCI rules require merchants to change from SSL to TLS.  This change needs to happen by June 30, 2018.  There are several ways to become TLS 1.2 compliant, one of which is by implementing EMV.

Reason #5 – EMV protects the merchant from accepting fraudulent credit cards.  This can save you money if your system is able to alert you once you have inserted the credit card.

The investment required for EMV provides many benefits, but the most important one may be the ability to secure your data and your customer’s data.