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National Cyber Security Awareness Month


Happy National Cyber Security Awareness Month!

As you are looking to secure your payments with tokenization and encryption, don’t forget about the little best practices that help to keep your data safe. One of the most overlooked practices is a strong password. Here are some simple tips for creating a strong password:

  1. Do NOT use personal information as a password. Create a unique password that is unrelated to your personal information. Personal information can be easily guessed or found on social media.
  2. Get creative! Use a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols. Use phonetic replacements or make obvious misspellings.
  3. Make your password eight characters or longer. Use a passphrase, book title, or song lyric. Include punctuation and capitalization.
  4. Never share your password. It is never safe to tell anyone your password. Leaving notes with your password written down in public places is also not a good idea.
  5. Use different passwords for different sites. Reusing the same password across multiple sites can make it easy for hackers to access all of your accounts. It is also a good practice to not reuse a password for at least one year.
  6. Avoid entering password on unsecured Wifi connections. They may have suspicious malware.
  7. Use stronger authentication. Always try to enable stronger authentication when available. Some sites even offer a two-step authentication to login.