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Sertifi and Merchant Link: A Secure Match


Emily Coughlin
Marketing and Communications Coordinator, Sertifi

The Picture-Perfect Partnership

Customers are working overtime to impress their guests. It’s our goal to ensure they receive that same TLC from us. One of the ways Sertifi goes above and beyond, to remove the friction for our customers is through a seamless integration with Merchant Link.

Merchant Link and Sertifi have been working together for 3 years. The solutions developed and integrated are done so in a manner to exploit one another’s compatibility. In short, our mutual merchants derive the benefit of our close working relationship.

Merchant Link and Sertifi initially launched the integrated solution with Convene (formally known as The Hub Centers for Meeting and Collaboration), the world’s first workplace-as-a-service platform that operates a network of on-demand meeting and event venues. The Sertifi / Merchant Link solution today now has been rolled out to just under 300 customers including TopGolf and Hyatt.

The Convene Story

At the time, Convene needed an efficient contract and payment process. They weren’t only in need of an eSignature solution. They also required a tool that would be PCI compliant for collecting event deposits and payments.

To provide the strongest solution for Convene, Sertifi integrated to Merchant Link’s payment gateway. This enabled credit card transactions to be managed in a PCI-compliant manner using tokenization. Convene selected Sertifi for its ease of use and ability to quickly capture eSignatures and payments in one integrated customer experience. Now, thanks to Sertifi and Merchant link, Convene is no longer forced to manually process credit cards.

The Topgolf Story

Convene isn’t the only company that Merchant Link and Sertifi have been able to assist. Shortly after the integration roll out with Convene, Topgolf, a premier entertainment and event venue, expressed similar requirements.  Sertifi emerged as the leading choice for Topgolf as they were already using Merchant Link’s payment gateway services.

The Hyatt Hotels Story

Hyatt, an American multinational owner, operator, and franchiser of hotels, resorts, and vacation properties is using the joint Sertifi and Merchant Link solution for its hospitality business. Recently, Hyatt and Sertifi spoke about how Sertifi has been able to reduce time and costs associated with collecting payments and contracts. The Sertifi tool is currently deployed to all full-service Hyatt properties in North America, with plans of being deployed across the globe. Watch our video with Hyatt to find out why they say Sertifi delivers good service and partnership every day.

Join other top brands and become a frictionless business

If your business is interested in removing the unnecessary hassle that is associated with collecting payment and authorization forms, don’t wait for a breach to identify a secure solution. The solution benefits far exceed the cost of working with Sertifi and Merchant Link.  The Sertifi / Merchant Link solution provides payment security, eSignature, and other tools to streamline your business.

About Sertifi
Founded in 2006, Sertifi is the leader in frictionless business, with innovative solutions for modernizing the last mile of the sales process. Sertifi offers the fastest and most secure way to close business, from eSignatures to online payment capture. Thousands of companies around the world trust Sertifi to close more deals faster, recognize revenue quickly, enhance security and compliance, and go completely paperless.

About Merchant Link
Founded in 1993, Merchant Link focuses on providing the best security and support for payment acceptance in the industry. Merchant Link built their success on solving payment challenges for merchants – and this mission led them to move beyond gateway services to offer additional, more robust security products. It’s not enough to deliver more than 20 years of the best payment and data security solutions in the industry. They’ve also got your back with superior service and technical support to assist you every step of the way.