Introducing Acquire™

Get Payment Processing, Security and Support – All-in-One!

We’re offering a unique solution to fulfill all your payment processing, security and support needs.

Affordable Payment Processing

Enjoy high-quality processing capabilities at competitive rates. Give your customers a range of payment options including credit, debit, and gift card.

Reliable Transaction Routing

Count on your payment data routing quickly and accurately thanks to our payment gateway component. The gateway provides a reliable, state-of-the-art connection to send transactions from your point-of-sale to the processor to your bank account. The network is monitored 24×7 and bolstered by fully redundant data centers, to ensure your business is always able to accept and receive payments.

Real-Time Reporting

Access to real-time reporting information is critical to effectively measure and manage your business. The program includes a robust, web-based reporting solution that allows you to view and manage all credit card activity at an enterprise level, all the way down to a site and/or terminal level.

Innovative Security Solutions

Rest easy knowing your customers’ payment data is secure by taking advantage of the program’s data security options. Merchant Link’s cloud-based tokenization solution, TransactionVault®, stores cardholder data in a secure, hosted “vault” – away from the business and safe from hackers. The data is replaced with tokens that safely live inside your point-of-sale system. Merchant Link’s point-to-point encryption solution, TransactionShield®, protects data as it travels through your IT environment by encrypting it, rendering the data unreadable and unusable to criminals. Finally, layer in TransactionLink™ to accept “chip” cards with EMV. In addition to the security benefits, both options dramatically reduce your PCI compliance scope and cost.


Rely on round-the-clock assistance for all your payment processing needs with our seamless support. When you have a payment question or issue, we work with you to research and resolve it. When you lose a transaction or batch, we provide a “rekey” service to resubmit and recover your funds.

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