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NRF Recap 2016: EMV Still Runs the Show

Howdy Folks! After a few weeks of reflection from the recent NRF meeting I have a few morsels of information to share regarding the ever changing landscape of retail electronic payments.

In the ever evolving world of EMV, I have recently found a pretty scary occurrence. In assisting a few clients with recent chargebacks, I have found a couple instances of issuer initiated chargebacks. We are asking for your help to identify and help correct this alarming occurrence. I want to preface this post with the caveats that this is the result of only a few cases and purely anecdotal. We have not been in contact with the issuers directly and any assumptions are purely conjecture. However, we are hoping that anyone who has seen this will come forward to help us better understand and fight this problem.

What are VAR’s looking for in 2016?

It’s simple, the U.S. EMV silver bullet solution.
Who has it now and with which processor(s) and which payment device(s).
How much does it cost? How does this affect our merchants?

4 Early EMV Findings

EMV, which takes its name from “Europay, MasterCard and Visa,” the original developers of the standard, refers to credit and debit card payments based on secure data chips rather than magnetic strips—as most of you who have implemented the change know all too well.

3 Things We’ve Taught Our Staff to Prepare for EMV

The global specification in the credit card industry known as EMV is now part of American commerce. Its momentum won’t be slowing, either. So we’ve had to prepare all of our employees to both understand the technology itself and explain it to our customers as their sea of questions rises. In our training, we’re educating our staff on the following three important topics...