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How to Explain PCI Compliance Penalties to Beginners

Though the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (or PCI DSS) applies to every merchant who accepts payment cards, many merchants lack a comprehensive understanding of what PCI is, or how it’s enforced. Unfortunately, this puts these folks at a serious disadvantage when it comes time to make decisions around PCI compliance – a particular problem for new or aspiring business owners.

Apple Pay: The Big Topic of Discussion

The big topic of discussion with banks, merchants, iPhone users and everyone in the financial industry is Apple Pay. The mobile contactless payment technology debuted in many retail locations and participating banks in October. Apple was hopping to add to the list of supporters in the future, but a few were subtracted, CVS and Rite Aid and added to their list of Apple’s competitors.

Everyone expects great service. Everyone expects their issues to be resolved on the first encounter. Providing that great service should be “the norm” and not an occasional hit or miss. Our goal at Merchant Link is to give a “WOW” experience every time while equally showing genuine concern for our customers and their needs. This is National Customer Service Week and I’d like to share some new and exciting initiatives happening at Merchant Link in our Service Delivery department.

PCI Community Meeting Recap & The Buzz Around Apple Pay

What’s new at PCI Orlando 2014? Apple Pay and an “Epic Fail” admission from the council.

Once again, we learned a ton at the PCI Community meeting in Orlando this year. It was great to catch up with a lot of folks we hadn’t seen for a while and there was a lot of information shared. I’ll leave the more technical bits for my fellow Merchant Link bloggers and stick to the business side highlights. Two in particular…

By now everyone is aware of the alleged card data breach at Home Depot. Though the company is not admitting it yet, they are doing everything to confirm it, including reassurances that card holders are not liable and now we hear they are going to implement EMV by year’s end. My colleague Ed Learned has blogged about this several times after the last round of mega-breaches but it needs to be said again - EMV does not prevent card data theft. Period, end-of-story.