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5 Little-Known Factors That Could Drastically Affect Your Payment Processing Security

If you follow the news, you know how many companies today are victims of security breaches. There’s one every week, it seems. Maybe you worry you’ll be next. But take a breath: while there’s no way to place your company completely out of the way of risk, there are a few helpful security areas you might be overlooking. Use these five factors to grade your payment processing security.

What You Need to Know to Protect Your Tech Savvy Clientele

Millennials (also known as the Millennial Generation or Generation Y) are the demographic cohort following Generation X. There are no precise dates when the generation starts and ends. Researchers and commentators use birth years ranging from the early 1980s to the early 2000s [according to Wikipedia]. This places this group in the age range of 15 – 35, a pretty large gap in years, but really known to many of us as the “Tech generation.”

There are many reasons as to why it is important for business owners to be mindful of your payments. First, it’s your revenue, do you really want hackers to take from you what you work really hard to earn? Second, if you are not vigilant in your quest for security around payments, how long do you think your customers will remain loyal to your business? Payment security isn’t a sexy topic. It’s often a scary one. Anyone that owns a hotel or restaurant or store understand that without having the ability to process payments, they couldn’t do things like make payroll, keep the lights on or deliver their products and services.

EMV Series: Part V - Which PIN Pads will Merchant Link support?

Merchant Link supports card swipes and PIN Pads today from Verifone, Equinox, Ingenico, MagTek and ID Tech for point-to-point encryption.

EMV Series: Part IV - When Can I Implement?

Implementation is going to depend on a few factors and what you would like to accomplish. Merchant Link is deploying EMV ready solutions today with TransactionLink™ using EMV capable PIN Pads. However, the timeframe to deploy is likely going to be dependent on the POS/PMS provider integrating to TransactionLink. We have a couple that have already done so but most will likely be ready in the early summer timeframe. This will allow clients to deploy the infrastructure for EMV including TransactionLink and the appropriate PIN Pads. Those PIN Pads will only be used to process magstripe transactions.