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How We Solve Support Issues in Just One Call

As a business owner, customer service complaints are your worst nightmare.

A 2011 survey by Harris Interactive found that after receiving poor customer service, 89% of consumers began purchasing from a competitor. Another survey by Zendesk found that businesses are more patient but still definitely turned off by bad service: 66% of B2B (business-to-business) customers stopped buying from a vendor after a bad interaction.

The Hottest Topic of the Year is EMV

The hottest topic of the year is, of course EMV.

The world wants to know what we’re going to do, and when we’re going to do it.

How Payment Middleware Makes EMV Easier and More Secure on Integrated POS

Many large merchants with complex POS systems choose to enable EMV using middleware that integrates their EMV card readers with their POS system. A well-designed middleware solution will isolate card data so that it never touches the POS. The POS (“selling system”) reaches out to the middleware with a request for payment, and then the middleware directs the actions of the EMV card reader through the completion of the transaction. If the combination of middleware plus EMV card readers (the “selling system”) are the only components ever touching card data, the POS is no longer a part of the payment transaction, offering significant PCI scope reduction.

3 Elements of Tokenization Every Merchant Should Understand

This article explains differences in security and flexibility in selecting tokenization approaches.

Don’t look now, your data is showing…

It seems that all we are hearing about in the news are data breaches of some sort. Whether it’s personal information, like in the recent compromise of over 4 million Federal employees, or credit card information like last December with Target and other major retailers, data breaches leave all of us feeling a little more vulnerable.